The specialized Biodesign surface layer, which incorporates tailor-made resins designed to work in harmony with quartz granules, outperforms standard concrete in terms of mechanical strength. This edge leads to a construction that is more resilient than those built using age-old methods.

Additionally, the Biodesign material allows for better water and stress management due to its porous characteristics.

According to our detailed technical guidelines, our water-resistant membranes outperform the liners commonly found in conventional swimming pools. This is largely due to their enhanced elasticity, which is three times greater than standard options.

In addition, these advanced liners offer superior protection against various environmental factors, including ultraviolet radiation, freezing temperatures, and chemical exposure.

The patented Biodesign technology offers a trifecta of benefits: minimal ecological footprint, exceptional water-resistant capabilities, and unparalleled structural integrity through its unique coating formulation.

The Biodesign surface treatment, formulated with custom-engineered resins that are specifically designed to synergize with our unique quartz sand elements, boasts a mechanical durability that is double that of traditional structural concrete.

We Feature Biodesign Pools

A Biodesign Beach-Inspired Pool is meticulously designed to feature beach-like entrances, tailor-made lounging spots, and distinct areas for swimming, all of which are adapted to suit your specific aquatic preferences. The aim of a Biodesign pool is to harmoniously integrate you with the natural landscape around you. It offers the captivating experience of being on an idyllic beach, an illusion that can effortlessly extend to your patio, forming a unified coastal setting.

This design approach is particularly advantageous in regions where the use of non-porous materials is restricted. We have the capability to construct patios using permeable materials, thereby bypassing the limitations often associated with impervious substances.


Reduced installation time

The installation time for Biodesign Pools is remarkably efficient, requiring just 10-12 days to complete a 400-500 square foot pool with a team of four professionals. This is a significant improvement over traditional pools, which typically take 4-6 weeks for installation. 

Structural Integrity and Durability

Biodesign Pools offer superior mechanical resistance compared to traditional concrete pools. The patented coating, made from specially formulated resins and quartz sand, is not only extraordinarily waterproof but also has increased elasticity and resistance to environmental factors like UV rays, ice, and chemicals.

Customization and Design Flexibility

Biodesign Pools offer unparalleled customization options. The design is limited only by your imagination, allowing for unique features like natural stone walkways, beaches, and seating areas. This offers homeowners the opportunity to create a truly unique outdoor space.

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