We Maintain Pools

Pool maintenance is probably the most important investment you will make after building your pool in Arizona. A periodic pool service not only extends the life of your pool but it also prevents health issues related to the quality of the water.

An expert water treatment plus continual professional cleaning assures your family indefinite hours of healthy fun. Every piece of equipment in the operation of your pool is also very important. This is why we care for your pool and pool equipment as a whole.

Aaron Pools offer customers a regular weekly maintenance plan to keep their pool in top condition year round. Our customers enjoy the convenience of having our maintenance personnel provide all chemicals so you don’t have to store anything on your property. Our customers receive professional service on a regularly basis throughout the year. It is our goal to provide our customers with affordable, professional service, superior to all others.

Our Services Include:

  Check & adjust water chemistry   Skim pool surface
  Brush pool walls   Empty skimmers & pump baskets
  Backwash filter once a month   Check & inspect pool equipment
  Filter Service
  Manual vacuum bottom of pool done for small additional fee


Some filters need annual cleaning:

  • Filter service for DE Filters (Diatomaceous Earth)  *recommended annually.
  • Sand changed for sand filters (price depends on size of filter). *recommended every 5-8 years.

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