Pool Repairs

Aaron Pools are Chlorine and Salt Water Experts and can service all your repair needs:

From Pool Pumps to In Ground Vinyl Liner replacements we can service all of your Pool and Spa needs. Aaron Pools has been servicing the greater Phoenix Arizona since 1978 and is proud of their service and look forward to discussing your requirements. Please review this complete list of services to see how we can help you today.



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  Motors   Heaters   Acid Wash
  Filters   Lights   Inspections
  Blowers   Electrical   Warranty Work
  Plumbing   In Ground Vinyl Liner replacements

Good Rates

For a $89 service charge, we can have a qualified technician come to your home to evaluate your pool or spa needs.  If repairs are needed, the cost would cover the first half hour of labor necessary to make that repair or it would be incorporated into a flat rate the technician may quote.

Salt Water Experts

Expert installation and repair for salt water chlorinator. We sell several brands of salt water chlorinators We regularly attend seminars on chlorinators and other products to make sure we are offering you the best knowledge, products, and service


It’s important to properly maintain your pool equipment and water. If you find yourself unable to do the necessary regular maintenance, or you just want someone else to do it, Aaron Pools now offers pool service maintenance in some areas. 


Filter Service

 Some filters need annual cleaning:

  • Filter service for DE Filters (Diatomaceous Earth) $89 *recommended annually.
  • Sand changed for sand filters $250- $350, price depends on size of filter. *recommended every 5-8 years.

Acid Washing

Acid washing can be done for plaster and pebble tech pools that are less than 10 years old or in good condition.  Acid washing can only be done when the average temperature is consistently lower than 80 degrees.  This usually happens between the months of October through April (but not always). An acid wash service includes: Draining the pool, acid wash, and start up chemicals. 

  • Acid wash of play pool: $249
  • Acid wash of diving pool: $299
  • Acid wash of additional spa: $50
  • Spot or complete sanding available
  • Rust repairs available
Inspect and Instruct

We help new pool owners with becoming more acquainted with the proper maintenance and water chemistry.